Answering a Question Regarding Kilts

I love this photo from the Facebook page “I am a Scot.” In answer to a question posed in a comment: “What is underneath the kilt?” I quoted from my recently published autobiography entitled, “From Poverty to Poverty: A Scotsman Encounters Canada.” It concerns my life as a teenager in the late 40s in Campbeltown, Argyll.

“During those years I was also in the Army Cadets. It was something to do midweek, especially during the winter. There I was issued with a tartan kilt that I just loved to wear—it meant that I was truly Scottish. (Well, didn’t it? Now I wear my own kilt any time I get the chance.) Good job we didn’t wear anything under the kilt, for I didn’t have any underpants anyway! I can remember older cadets checking us to be sure we weren’t wearing anything underneath.”