Welcome to Our Author and Editor Blog!

Welcome to the author and editor blog of Moomor Publications which is the handle used for publications by Ian Moore-Morrans, Scottish-Canadian author, and Gayle Moore-Morrans, American-Canadian editor, writer and blogger! Pictured in our header is a photo of some of the books we have published with Ian as author and Gayle as editor and sometimes co-author. On the shelf in back of those books are annual volumes of Esprit, the Magazine of Evangelical Lutheran Women published in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from 1986 until 2010. Gayle wrote a number of articles in that magazine and served as its editor from 1997 until 2004.Cherryville-book table 2

We are happy you have come here to check out our writings and to find out more about us. In a section “about the author and editor” from Ian’s book published in 2012,  From Poverty to Poverty: A Scotsman Encounters Canada, he explains that we (by then both widowed)  met in 2003 in a coffee house in Winnipeg and were quickly drawn into a conversation about the eclectic assortment of books that Ian had begun to write after retiring from many years working as a machinist both in Scotland and in Canada. He was fascinated to learn that Gayle was a magazine and program editor at the time and quickly started planning to woo and marry her and to make our marriage one of happily living together but also of happily working together. We are pleased to say that was a totally satisfying reality for over 15 years, until Ian’s death in February 2019. Go to the “About Us” page for more details.

While you are checking out the site, we hope you will click on the pages of our five already-published books – a do-it-yourself (DIY) book, a novel, Ian’s memoir (1932-1970), a children’s chapter book and a second memoir (1970-2004), the latter two listing Gayle as co-author. Starting in late December 2012 we began to blog the children’s chapter book in the “Home” section as a Christmas present for our great-grandchildren. Jake, Little Jimmy and Big Louie is a story about an 11-year-old boy in Vernon, British Columbia, who adopts two unique birds that become his best friends.  We blogged those draft chapters  to give readers a taste of the book in its final pre-publication draft, to enable our great-grandchildren to draw pictures and give feedback for the book and also to solicit any feedback from other readers. That book was completed for publication in January 2015, including illustrations originally drawn by our pre-teen great-granddaughter, Hannah German, and age-appropriate consultation from our teenage great-grandson, Leland German. Gayle continued to busy herself editing and contributing to a number of other stories that Ian wrote during the period 1997-2008. She plans to blog more about each book as they near completion and publication. In addition, for your reading pleasure online, we’ve also included Ian’s published short story “The Moonlit Meeting” in its entirety, as well as Gayle’s published account of “Canadian Ex-Pats and a Poodle Celebrate Robbie Burns Day in Mexico,” both originally written for English-language magazines in Mexico. From time to time Gayle also blogs past and present writings she has done. She doesn’t write fiction as Ian does, but concentrates on spiritual, personal, family-related and travelogue writing.

We continue to host a number of book launches and readings as books are published. Photos from those events are posted as they occur. These can be found in the section called “Home” which will be updated from time to time. So, happy surfing and cheerio the noo (in Scots English that means “bye for now”!)

Ian (who was also known over the years as “Scotty,” “The Happy Highlander,” “Haggis McBagpipe” and probably some other colourful names as well) and Gayle, who prefers to be called Gayle with a “y”. (Her pet peeve is having her name misspelled.)

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