‘Twas my first COVID Christmas. My suite felt like a tomb.

Neither tree lights nor angels got rid of the gloom.

My face masks lay scattered in every direction,

Lined with filters of carbon for extra protection.

The protocol list had been followed with care,

With the odor of sanitizers filling the air.

I soon found myself almost asleep,

Counting numbers of hand washes, instead of sheep.

Then just at the time I was starting to snore,

I heard at my suite door a clamorous roar.

Though still in my pjs, I peered out in dread,

At a bearded old man who was dressed all in red.


“My name is Saint Nick, and the reason I’m here,

Is your grandkids should know there’s no Christmas this year.

So Facetime Gus/Eva/Ana in Norway and say,

‘The assortment of presents that I already mailed on,

Should be saved ’til next Christmas if the virus has gone.’”

Then before I could speak, he was turning around,

Taking the elevator down with nary a sound. 

I climbed back in bed, but couldn’t sleep at all,

Because of a noise that I heard down the hall.

When I checked what it was, there was no need to ask,

Joe Biden was there with his shades and a mask.


“I hear Christmas is cancelled, and your family is sad,

But here is some news, that should make you glad,

For four years our country has been in a slump,

So on January 20th, we’re going to dump Trump!

Because of this man, the whole world is grouchy,

Especially the scientist, Anthony Fauci,

Anti-maskers and vaxxers will soon sing the blues,

Because Biden is coming, and that’s not fake news.”

I tossed and I turned for the rest of the night,

After Biden, with Harris, had faded from sight,

That left me aflutter, though with nothing to fear,

But I wondered and pondered who else might appear.

THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS YET TO COME-Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Then I heard a voice, saying, “It will only cause trouble,

If you get close to people who are not in your bubble.”

Keep six feet apart, to avoid germs systemic.

Don’t be an idiot; let’s defeat this pandemic.

A vaccine is coming, which should ease your frustration,

But until it arrives, practice self-isolation.

Heed Dr. Tam’s advice, it will help ease the pain,

Then your life as you knew it, will return once again”.


Stay hopeful and healthy, this nightmare will end,

And your days can be spent with more than one friend.

Soon this darkness will vanish, replaced by the dawn,

And your memories of COVID will soon be all gone.

This grandmother is hoping next year will be bright,

So we can worship in church on a Christmas Eve night.

Now with a wink of my eye, and a twist of my head,

This American-Canadian is off to my bed!

Gayle Moore-Morrans

(with thanks to David Carter, for permission to adapt and paraphrase

his original poem: Christmas Spirits-2020.)


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