To Be Free or Not to Be Free

I’m reposting this excellent advice from author Francis Guenette’s blog which also led me to JJ March’s quality blog. They are both right on when they point out that the “free” gimmick rarely works (i.e. offering free copies of one’s book in return for following a site or downloading “free” copies of someone’s e-book and then never opening it to read because one doesn’t always have time to read everything. Those of us who put so much time and effort into writing our books or reading them, should expect some return for them or not relegate them to the downloaded and forgotten pile.


B. Thomas Witzel painting

I had the great pleasure to read J.J. Marsh’s recent blog post this morning – I urge all writers and readers alike to pop over to J.J’s blog and check out her thoughts on giving or getting books for free.

As I commented, on the post, I made my self-publishing debut in 2013 and soon learned – sometimes the hard way – that most of what I had read to prepare me to be a successful, self-published author was just plain false or woefully out dated. Offering one’s books up for free was a marketing strategy toted with a feverish zeal. I didn’t understand the sense of this dictum and because I had gone with an assisted self-publisher for my first book, I didn’t have the ability to give Disappearing in Plain Sight away for free. I’m glad now that was the case.

Striking out on my own with my…

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