Reblogging: Charlie and Jack

We have just viewed this wonderful story of compassion, both the compassion of an old goat for an old horse and also the compassion that little Myla shows for Charlie the horse when he dies. It reminds us of our next book for which Gayle is still working to complete the layout. In Jake, Little Jimmy and Big Louie” you will read about the compassion a boy has for a wingless budgie and later the love that develops between them and an “interloper,” a raven who soon becomes a treasured member of the family.
Computer and printer problems have delayed Gayle’s progress as well as another big editing commitment which is now completed. Watch for our announcement of publication – we hope SOON!!!

busy mockingbird

Or: “Why We Have a Dead Horse Taped To Our Window”

Here’s a quick little story:

Recently, we watched a show on PBS called “Animal Odd Couples,” about unusual animal friendships, which Myla loved.  She especially loved the story of Charlie the horse and Jack the goat. CHARLIEJACK

Charlie was a 40-year-old farm horse who was blind in one eye, and very near to being put down when the family noticed that their 16-year old goat, Jack, had begun walking with Charlie around the farm, standing on his good side to lead him, making sure he got where he needed to go.  As the horse got older and blind in both eyes, the goat began leading him in front so he could follow his sound.

The show is very sweet, and you can watch the story of Charlie and Jack here:

Myla was so impressed by this that the…

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