Book Table and Readings at the Cherryville Beets and Roots Festival, August 2012

Gayle and I spent an enjoyable Saturday on August 11th, motoring to Cherryville, British Columbia, a small town east of our home in Vernon. There we attended a delightful festival, sold copies of my two latest books, “Beyond the Phantom Battle: Mystery at Loch Ashie” and “From Poverty to Poverty: A Scotsman Encounters Canada” and also copies of “Oh, My Scotland” the CD of Scottish songs we recorded while living in Mexico in 2007, just before we returned to Canada. We also had our time on the festival stage wherein Gayle, acting as my publicist, introduced me and gave a background for each reading that I did from the two aforementioned books. The festival itself was great featuring some medieval swordplay by the Society for Creative Anacronism, a number of interesting bands playing from the stage area, some East Indian dancing and singing, a drumming group, demonstrations by several artisans including glass bead making and a potter at the wheel. This was also the regular time for the Cherryville Farmers Market, so there were booths selling fresh vegetables and fruits, a goat farmer selling her homemade cheeses, honey from a bee farm, handmade yarns, knitting, fabric fashions and the like. I’ll take Gayle’s word for most of the booths’ contents as she was flitting around a lot of the time leaving me to man the book table alone. Enjoy a slideshow of our photos from the day!

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