Installment 9 of “Jake, Little Jimmy and Big Louie,” a Children’s Chapter Book

The last installment of this Children’s Chapter Book that we are blogging for our great-grandchildren, Installment 8, “Louie Takes Off” was posted on April 16th! Yicks – I didn’t realize it had been almost two and a half month’s since I had posted a chapter. So here is Chapter 9, “A Happy Homecoming.” If you followed the story through Chapter 8 you will know that Big Louie had finally flown away and Jake was of a mixed mind whether he was happy that Louie had finally decided to become independent or whether he was sad to see him go. As Louie flew out of sight, Jake became quite emotional. Little Jimmy was sitting on Jake’s shoulder as Jake almost whispered his goodbyes. The clip art I’ve included gives our would-be artist, great-granddaughter Hannah, an idea of how to draw a bird sitting on a boy’s shoulder. Only the parrot in this picture is more the size of Big Louie. The little budgie, Jimmy, would be much smaller.

“Jake, Little Jimmy and Big Louie”boy with bird on shoulder 001

by Ian Moore-Morrans

Edited by Gayle Moore-Morrans

Copyright © 2012


A Happy Homecoming

            Tears rolled down Jake’s cheeks as he watched Louie fly away, heading for a bunch of trees far in the distance. The huge lump was back in his throat again!

 (The rest of the chapter’s content has been deleted prior to publication.)

Picture suggestion: Jake standing with a big grin on his face while Jimmy sits on Jake’s left shoulder and Louie sits on Jake’s right shoulder. All three should be facing forward.