Installment 3 of “Jake, Little Jimmy and Big Louie,” a Children’s Chapter Book

We’re sorry for the delay in blogging this next chapter of Ian’s children’s chapter book entitled “Jake, Little Jimmy and Big Louie,” but, as you know, Christmas intervened between Chapters 2 and 3. Gayle and I wish all of you blog readers a very Merry Fifth Day of Christmas. So far we’ve had a nice quiet celebration with church on Christmas Eve, followed by a delicious and traditional (to Gayle) Swedish Christmas supper to which we had invited friends. We slept late on Christmas Day and ended up opening our presents that afternoon. The next two days have been spent eating, playing with our new dog Misty, lazing and watching a number of movies that we received as Christmas gifts, reading from some of the books we received and, of course, listening to Christmas music. Gayle has finally found time to edit the next chapter of the story we are posting and I’ve approved the edit so here goes with Chapter 3. Please give us any feedback you may wish to pass on. As you know, the book has not yet been published except here in this blog. We are still hoping to have some drawings sent in on JPGs from our great-granddaughter or from any children that might read this story or have this story read to them. We are including suggestions for drawings at the end of each chapter. We’d like to include some of the drawings in the published book and would give credit to the artists. Here is a nice cartoon rendition of a budgie’s head as a model for Little Jimmy.

budgie head cartoon


by Ian Moore-Morrans

edited by Gayle Moore-Morrans

Copyright © 2012


Jake and Jimmy Become Friends

As they headed home, Jake and his dad chatted about their visit to Bill’s Budgie Barn and all they had seen there. When the car was in the garage, his dad took the birdcage from the back seat and began heading for the house, carefully carrying it by its handle.

(The rest of the chapter’s content has been deleted prior to the book’s publication.)

* ~ * ~ *

Picture suggestions: Jimmy in his cage

Jimmy sitting on Jake’s folded hands

Jimmy hopping down a ramp

The drawings below were done by Ian some years ago to illustrate how he pictured the ramp set-upRamp to chair 001 in Jake’s room.

Jimmy's ramps 001

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