Coming Soon: Came To Canada, Eh? Adventures of a Scottish Nomad

Exciting News! I’ve just begun the publishing process for Ian’s and my fifth book! Second time publishing with FriesenPress.

The next weeks and months will mean continuing on with keeping my nose to the computer and now dealing with their publishing consultant.

I’ll keep everyone apprised of the progression.

Title of the book: “Came to Canada, Eh? Adventures of a Scottish Nomad.”

It covers Ian’s astounding adventures in the years 1970-2004, including the many moves all over Canada of Ian and his first wife, Mary, Mary’s death in 2002 and our whirlwind romance and marriage in 2003 prior to our move to Mexico in 2004.

On February 22nd it will be exactly a year since Ian passed away from a sudden stroke.

Bringing this book to fruition has helped the grief process and kept him close to me.

Gayle Moore-Morrans

Here’s a photo of “traveling Ian” eagerly arriving at Glasgow Airport on a visit to the Old Country in 2000.

9 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Came To Canada, Eh? Adventures of a Scottish Nomad

  1. Gayle! Great news!!! “Came to Canada, Eh…” That is a most meaningful and wonderful task you are doing in memory of Ian and for you. You will be busy, how well I know. I wish you great success and much deep meaning as you recall, experience and relive the precious moments in your memories you shared with Ian. Looking forward to reading it.

    I just finished my book N0. 4. “Time Ends, Love Transcends.” – Life’s highest mountains and lowest valleys. A creative memoir of my life in Christian ministry. I’m waiting for the “proof” from the printer to make sure all is in order. Then it will be ready. The writing has been enjoyable, I wish I could say that about the process of publishing.

    JoAnn and I have had some health problems lately. JoAnn had a TIA (mini stroke) last November and is recovering but not without an occasional set back. But all considerations point to a complete recovery. My long time COPD has been giving me some increased breathing difficulties resulting in more weakness and a couple of trips to overnight stays in hospital via emergency where they work miracles. Now I have liter bottles of compressed oxygen and a puffer for emergency use to clear my lungs. And then my old friend “arthritis” has chewed up my right shoulder and my doctor recommends total replacement. Having review ed the one year of rigorous recovery program and the rather low success rates for us elderly guys, 84 year old Harry says, “No, no.” The doctor returned and understanding smile of agreement. I’ll comb my hair with my left arm.

    Gayle, Jo and I often wonder how you are doing and remember you in our prayers. Harry K


    • It was so good to hear from you, Harry. Thanks for the heads up and all the best for your Book #4. I, too, will be anxious to read yours. Please do send me an email when it is available. I’m so sorry to hear of your and JoAnn’s health issues. How well I know of the struggles – especially when it is both of you that are having issues. If you remember, Ian and I used to refer to our twosome during those trying health years in Vernon as “The Lame Leading the Lame.” I’ll keep you both in my prayers. It would be fun to have a phone chat soon. Are you in Penticton or Arizona for the winter? Please let me know and I’ll give a call if you are staying in BC. The clock has just turned to the wee hours of February 22 – the first anniversary of Ian’s death. I know it will be an emotional day but a friend and I are going to a film festival at a mega church in North Winnipeg so I hope that will help fill the time. I think fondly of our times together as two “writing couples” in the past. Sending love to you both and I appreciate your encouragement for my latest publishing efforts. Gayle


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